Eat. Lift. Thrive.

Never diet again | stop wasting time at the gym | Don't rely on motivation 

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Feel Better. 

Nutrition coaching. Re-wire your automated choices. Finally get the body you've always wanted. 


Look Better. 

Learn to lift. Stop aimlessly walking around the gym or settling for the ellipcial. 


Live Better. 

Achieve your goals faster, with a plan, with a coach. Personal training, nutrition coaching, accountability. 


 Hayley, New York, NY

Hayley, New York, NY

If you have a goal, you need to have a plan, and Jess helped with with that.

When I started working with Jess, I gained so much more confidence in myself and what I was capable of doing. After a few weeks, I saw more and more progress, and learned new things about myself that I would never have learned without her expertise. I was pushed harder than I would ever push myself alone, and always knew that I would be able to handle any challenge she threw my way, because of her belief in me.

For me lifting weights really empowered me. I always liked to work out, but not until I started lifting weights did I feel empowered, like I can do anything! Jess helped me see that I could deadlift and do pull-ups and be lean and fit and not bulky and muscular like I would have thought. Resistance training helps burn fat so I would highly recommend! My goal was to look and feel my best at my wedding and I did, thanks to Jess!
 Gabi, New York, NY

Gabi, New York, NY

Learning to lift weights is one of the most empowering things I have ever done.

Working with Jess impacted my life in many ways. It forced me to set aside time for myself, and I also learned that I am much stronger than I thought. I not only gained physical strength, but confidence in myself and my abilities that translated to other aspects of my life! Specifically, it helped me to speak up for myself in my professional life and helped define my career choices. I was thinking about applying to law school, and spending time taking care of myself helped me realize my career goals. (I am now attending law school!)

Jess is so positive and inspiring and she always made me want to work harder, I never felt intimidated. She helped me reach goals I could never have imagined, like bench pressing over 100 pounds and learning how to dead lift. Her ability to think outside of the box and her passion for working out and nutrition makes her an incredible trainer and person! These skills are skills that I will be able to use throughout my life and I am no longer intimidated of the weight room!