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Does your brain hurt from the myriad of diet and weight loss solutions available today?

Navigating what "healthy" means is a full time job. (we know because it's ours!) We've got your back and we'll simplify, filter, and personalize it.

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Would you ever attempt to build Ikea furniture without the instructions? (we gasped just typing that) 

Having the right pieces with no real world application wastes your time and energy. (like do you really have time to make your own nut milk?)

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One size does not fit all with nutrition. If it did, we would all effortlessly look like Giesle Bunchen. 

What works for your co-worker may not work for you (and that's ok!). Let's explore different solutions and find your missing diet puzzle pieces. 

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The beautiful thing about you is YOU. You have distinct likes and dislikes, and quirky non-negociables (like, almond milk in your cereal but half and half in your coffee, because balance right?). We strongly believe (and science confirms), that there is no one "right" diet, so we only create plans that fit your goals, your preferences, and your personality. 

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There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing if you are doing the right things to get the results you want. Should you eat dairy? What about carbs with dinner? What are the best protein sources? The questions are endless, and we will help take out the guess work. We only recommend science based solutions and are constantly challenging our own beliefs. 

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We believe that health can be simple, and with the right tools and action plan, you can achieve extraordinary results. But we also know that real life is hard, real life is busy, and real life is full of free donuts. So don't go it alone, along with a tailor-made plan, you will have access to on-going message support (with a real person!) and weekly encouragement. 


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Modifying habits and breaking old patterns is hard. Like, really hard. Random and unpredictable emotions will come up, and you may realize that you have to give up something you enjoy to reach your goals. (like potentially bottomless brunch?) We will work with you every step of the way, don't worry, but you will need be prepared to embrace the journey. 

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Life is unpredictable. Bosses move deadlines last minute, flights get delayed, or your favorite lunch spot might be closed for renovations. Sometimes this means your well planned eating strategy gets tossed out of the window. It happens! We will give you strategies to make the best of any situation, but we want you to remember that "success" doesn't mean perfection.

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Self improvement can sometimes bring out an inner diva and she wants to control everything. She thinks she in charge of cravings, that she can do everything all at once, and that she should have control over the number on the scale. Our bodies are extremely complex, and creating change takes time. Tell your inner diva to take a chill pill and trust the process. 

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We respect your time, personal journey, and nutritional goals

Please read below before applying for Nutrition Coaching with KBCC. 


Our program IS for you if...

  • You want to be "healthy" and look and feel your best, but aren't sure what "healthy" even means, you don't really know how to cook, and definitely don't have time to food prep like Instagram. 

  • You are ready to lose weight (last 10 pounds is the worst) but are tired of diet hopping, giving up gluten for the 37th time (don't worry, we won't make you!), and feeling deprived when you eat healthy. 

  • You want to age gracefully and treat your body like it's the only one you get (because it is), but google keeps providing conflicting answers about what the best diet is (like we said, it's a full time job). 

Our program is NOT for you if... 

  • You want an exact meal plan to follow. We will teach you the foundations for meal planning (great tool!), but if you are only looking for an exact plan, this coaching program is not for you. (we still love you)  

  • You are not ready to make changes to your diet. This is actually ok! While don't believe in "off limits" foods, you will need to make changes to your current diet. If you aren't ready now, we will be here when you are.   

  • You want immediate, fast results. Results will come if you put in the work, but lasting change takes time. Since we (or anyone) can't guarantee a timeline, we would never use it as a marketing tool (gross). 

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